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The reason why christianity was so sucessful during the first millenium because there were so many suffering. So when christinity bring promise of a salvation, believes in God and he will take you into his eternal kingdom of bliss. Where there is no grieve, no suffering just paradise. Putting aside the sciencetific reasoning and all other logic we know. I wonder have anyone ever thought about what they would do in this eternal paradise where they are not require to do anything. There is no need for sleep, no need to food, no more worry, no more trouble, then what would you do with your time for eternity? Count sheep? I just find that it funny, with the rumor of apocalytic and everything, there are so many talk about judgement day, people preaching about hell. Hell is not a place anyone want to go, most agree to that but has anyone ever think about heaven. I can understand people back in the day when in desperation they will turn to anything that could offer even a false hope. Now that we are in the 21st century, an era consider to be relatively peaceful, people are still sleeping, dreaming a delusional dream. Brainwash zombie mindlessly following the culture trend of mass media.

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